Holiday Weekend Orders after 12:noon on Friday before a holiday weekend may not ship until the following Tuesday. 

Are the masks washable? Yes, I have a few customers who have washed their masks over 40 times and the masks are holding up well.

How do I wash the masks? I recommend hand washing in soap and water, and air drying

How often do I wash the masks? Daily

Are the filters removable? The filters are sewn in place.

What is your filter? It is a polyester layer that captures down to .3 microns

How do I keep my glasses from fogging up? There is an internal wire over that can be formed over the nose to keep the mask close to the face. Also washing your glasses in shaving cream may help. 

How do I adjust the headband? Move the knot up or down the cord.

What size should I get? Measure from a point halfway down your nose to 1" under your chin. 7" is extra-large, 6.5" is Adult large, 6" is adult regular, 5" is Adult small / child regular, 4" is toddler. 

What is the difference between a cloth mask and a filter mask? A cloth mask is 2 layers of cotton, a filter mask has a filter sewn in place between two layers of cotton. 

How soon do you ship? In most cases in stock items ship in 1-3 days. 

Can I do curbside pick-up? Curbside pick-up is no longer available